Sometimes we know that the path we are on is not a good one. The thoughts we have are spiraling us downward, and it feels impossible to stop. But it is possible. Each moment, including this moment, offers an opportunity to begin again and get closer to clarity. This does not mean we will have everything figured out. We won't. But rather, we can just trust that when we let go of the unhelpful thoughts, what's left when we release them is enough. The following practice will take around 15 minutes:

(1) MOVE (about 3 minutes)

Set a timer for 3 minutes. During those three minutes, try marching slowly in place with control. Begin by standing tall, relaxing your shoulders from your ears, and activating your core by drawing your navel toward your spine. Lift the opposite arm and leg in synchrony on the inhale and come back to a neutral stand on the exhale. Repeat with the opposing arm and leg. Try to do the same number on each side. If you tire at any point before 3 minutes is up, simply stop and stand tall, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

(2) MEDITATE (about 7 minutes)

Sit on a chair or on the floor and set a timer for 7 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to deepen and slow your breath. As you inhale think of thoughts that are keeping you from a clear mind, and as you exhale out your mouth, send them out with your breath and let them go. Repeat this slowly for ten additional times. Then sit with the space that you have just created for 6-7 more minutes and the sensations that it brought to your body. Don’t judge these sensations; just take note of them. 

(3) MEDIATE (about 5 minutes)

Get out your journal, and write what it feels like to have let go. If you are still feeling those thoughts creep back, start again, and then write down the mantra of your choice (e.g., I let go, I am weightless, I am clear) ten times. 

United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.

United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.