The below practice will take about 15 minutes. Notice how you feel. If you are feeling anxious and wired, try to do all three practices. If you are feeling exhausted, take slow movement for the first practice (like walking) and focus on meditating and mediating the extremes you are feeling.

(1) MOVE (about 5 minutes)

Set your timer for 1-5 minutes. During that timeframe, move however feels comfortable and safe for you. This can be jumping jacks, running in place, yoga, or just pacing back and forth. The goal is just to release any anxious feelings you are having. Follow this movement with a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

(2) MEDITATE (about 5 minutes)

Find a comfortable seat, and either follow this five-minute guided mediation, or mediate on your own. If any fearful thoughts arise, acknowledge them, but let them pass. If you prefer not to mediate, color, doodle, or continue to just deep breathe with your eyes open or closed.

(3) MEDIATE (about 5 minutes)

Find the middle way between being controlled by your fears and ignoring these fears. Write down the things that scare you most and for which you need courage.  Some of these things shrink when the text hits the page.  For each one that still creates anxiety for you, write down the likelihood that it will happen. Often times, we fear things that are not likely to happen. If it is likely to happen, write a mantra on how you will address it. For example, “I will accept this challenge with gratitude and grace” or “I cannot control my circumstances, but I can control my reaction to them.”

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine