When things are difficult or weighing on us heavily, it is hard to believe that love is an abundant resource. There is a river of truth that runs through each of us. Sometimes it seems like just a trickling stream, but if we are vulnerable and trust its power, we can feel it expanding within us and realize its true depths are limitless. It costs nothing to be kind—especially if we expect nothing in return. Instead of expecting something in return, we can rely upon this source of truth within us. We already have all of the love we need. There is nothing left to obtain or prove to be at home in ourselves. The below practice will take about 15 minutes:

(1) MOVE (about 3 minutes)

Stand up with your feet hip width apart. Grow tall from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, feeling them firmly planted on the ground. On an inhale gently open your arms up to a “T” and lift your chin slightly. On the exhale draw your arms toward you, rounding your upper back, until you wrap your arms around yourself, as if you are giving yourself a hug. Repeat this by inhaling to open your arms, and exhaling to stack the opposite arm on top in the hug. Continue this at whatever rate is comfortable to you for the next 2-3 minutes.

(2) MEDITATE (about 5 minutes)

Come to a seated position and close your eyes. Visualize your younger self. It can be at any age, but perhaps try choosing an age in your life when you felt especially vulnerable or unloved. Begin slowly inhaling and exhaling out through your nose. With each inhale feel your chest expand and fill with power, and on each exhale, send love to this younger self. You can add a mantra on the exhale as well if it feels right to you. Some examples are: “You are safe and cared for,” “You are loved and protected,” or “You are strong and wise.” Continue to do this for the next 4-5 minutes. Stop whenever feels right by gently fluttering your eyes open.

(3) MEDIATE (about 7 minutes)

Grab a pen and paper. Having tapped into this inner source of love, respond to the following question: Where in my life can I be more loving? Continue writing for 6-7 minutes or however long you’d like.

Hatteras Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Hatteras Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina