A word recipe for clarity:


  1. Definition: the quality of being clear, of coherence and intelligibility, of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound

  2. Origin: Old French and Latin - brightness, radiance, glory, splendor; clearness of judgment or style


  1. We live muddled lives mostly in our minds, as spinning tops

  2. Disconnected from our bodies we fail to notice that they continue rounds, keeping us the impossible patient afloat

  3. Despite our non-linear thoughts we move forward, but these limbs we heave are heavy, begging us to

  4. Stop

  5. When a moment of pause arrives, do not run,

  6. Sit with it again (it is hard), and again (it is harder), and again (it is agony), until the calm shifts us brightly, and we can sigh,

  7. Relish the sharp cool of silence.