1. Definition: using one’s imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of creative work.

  2. Origin: 1859 - from “creative”: 1670s": possessing the quality or function of creating, “imaginative;” “creative” first seen used by Wordsworth; earlier version of the word “creativeness” from 1800s.


  1. Go walk in nature and

  2. There in the wholeness of the high trees

  3. And the whispering arches of the clouds,

  4. Allow yourself to be silent,

  5. Alone with your ideas,

  6. Allow your discomforts to disown you,

  7. Puzzle pieces that seem disparate

  8. Will fit together on the page, on the canvas,

  9. Or in your smile,

  10. Be still, be open,

  11. The glow of creativity

  12. Is here with you.

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