A word recipe for empathy:


  1. Definition: to understand the feelings of another and share them; to be sensitive to and experience those thoughts and feelings of another without having them fully communicated.

  2. Origin: pointed from German philosopher Rudolph Lotze from Greek empatheia: passion, state of emotion, to feel


  1. Gather the places on-repeat in your past that will singe

  2. Deep from the recesses drag them to the fore, topple them with future fears,

  3. The heaping piles of pain, a calamity without solution,

  4. An insurmountable bonfire aflame,

  5. But pause,

    I beckon you to mine,

  6. And together,

    piece by piece,

  7. We douse the load,

  8. Word by word exchanged, in drops, we water it,

  9. And soothe our tired souls

  10. With empathy.