A poem for optimism:

The Dawning Good

When you’ve had dreams of the same door locked, 

as you try to escape the smoke billowing

gunmetal mushroomed soot, thickening the air aglow of a dimming city,

It is hard to imagine every light not as a piercing strobe, 

accusing you of crimes the most severe of which are from and against you,

policing your own life with a cascaded system designed for failure. 

It is hard to imagine the door as opening, gently curtained 

swaying with a silken breeze that only asks for you to rest in it,

a fire that only asks for you to stoke it, so it can envelop you in a 

cocooned lull as it crackles. 

The fullness of this view emerges with breath-reversing slowness, revealing against all foretold inclinations: 

That pure rapture is achievement; 

 That maybe all that life needs from you is your fascination,

the slow tracing of your fingertips against as many surfaces that spark 

the thrill of your aliveness;

That this material world is not without faults, 

but like root-shaken plants that repair themselves, 

it is always becoming whole, 



to meet the dawning good. 

A word recipe for optimism


  1. Definition: hopefulness and confidence about the future of the the successful outcome of something; doctrine that this world is the best of all possible worlds.

  2. Origin: Voltaire (French), modern Latin - the greatest good, the best, the best of all possible worlds in which the creator accomplishes the most good at the cost of the least evil


  1. Create your world by

  2. Laughing into the canyon of yourself

  3. The empty crumbling walls echo beautifully

  4. The symphony reverberating from your voice

  5. Aloud, it shrinks the distance of impossibly

  6. Living with kindness amplified, not space

  7. Between sun and skin, even the overcast surface can buoy

  8. With optimism.